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    Does anyone know how to get intouch with tc member nonobeez. My 700wx is out of waranty and i'm having the headset input problem where the phone always thinks the headset is plugged not allowing the speaker or mic on the phone to function.

    Tried all the tricks, its a lost casue.

    Seen quite a few posts saying tc member nonobeez fixes this for a fee but i cant find a way to get in touch with him. went to but there is no email address. he doesnt accept private messages through the board. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME
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    Is there a WM version of Volume Care? The PalmOS version has a bypass function for this issue.

    Well. . . no WM version . . . .not yet, anyway. From the web site:

    Do GoTreo Software products work with the Treo 700W?

    VolumeCare does not currently work with the Treo 700w or any other windows mobile device. GoTreo Software is expanding its operations into the Windows Mobile environment in the very near future.
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