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    I have an AT&T Palm 750 running windows mobile 6.
    During the day when I have only used the phone feature....when I check to see what programs are running it will show that activesync is running.
    I can stop the program but hours later it will show that it is running again even though I have never connected it to a computer.

    Any reason for this? Is there a way to stop it from doing this?
    It does seem to slow the opening and navigating of other windows when it is running in the background (just slightly)

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    Activesync doesn't just handle syncing with a PC. It also handles syncing with email over-the-air. So if you've set up an email account on your Treo then Activesync is going to run.

    When your device is sleeping, no processes are active. Your device wakes up when it receives a data packet. Activesync listens for incoming data connections (in the case of pushmail). It can also wake your device without waking the screen and poll for new messages (if you have it set to check at preset intervals or use pop/imap mail).
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