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    I delete emails out of my delete files, I have moved all I can to my card. deleted all the IE cache and I still am getting low memory warnings. According to phonealarm I have 1mb left.
    When I soft reset or remove the battery when it comes back all the emails are in the deleted files again.
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    I clean out my device daily and usually have over 30mb remaining. However one large email can crush that number. How many apps do you have on your device? Ringers, videos and pictures are a killer too. Hold the OK button down for a few seconds then click on the Large Files scan. That was a big help for me to recognize what needed to go.
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    It usually works when I delete everything but today it doesn't.
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    ok I figured this out you have to go to file explorer then to windows folder/ messaging then delete everything in the attachment folder and everything in the messaging folder. For some reason the phone stores all the attachments in that folder.
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    how do you determine where the attachements are saved? can you designate the SD?
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    I get the "not enough memory" message when I wanna send a pic with a text message.....even when I have 39 megs internal available....gezzzzzz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cidand1 View Post
    how do you determine where the attachements are saved? can you designate the SD?
    I wish I knew I have save attachments to my sd card checked but it never saves them there. Can some one tell me how this works?
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