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    Hi All,

    Does anyone know of any third party software for the today screen in WM6 that notifies you when you receive an email in an exchange sub-folder? The default "new messages" notification only seems to work with your main inbox, which is really inconvenient.

    SOMEONE has to have thought of this. I can't believe it's that ridiculous of a request!

    SPB Phone Suite, SBSH PhoneWeaver... neither of them do it... Thoughts anyone???


    ps. I apologize if anyone saw this topic in the WM Apps forum, but that place gets so little traffic I thought I'd try here...
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    Hmm... I'm assuming you have a rule on your exchange server to push certain messages to certain subfolders automatically, thus resulting in NEW messages in folders other than your inbox. I'm further assuming you have set your Treo to sync with those other subfolders as well.

    Working with those assumptions, and the fact that your not getting notifications, it would appear to be a WM6 issue.

    Most every program I'm aware of is going to watch the notification queue in the regristy to check for new messages. So from what you've provided, it would appear that the notification queue keys off of inbox changes.

    Since the programs do NOT look into Pocket Outlook directly, they can't see the subfolder changes.

    That's a tough one. If I'm correct, then you'd either have to get Microsoft to change the way Activesync talks to Exchange, or find a program that monitors Pocket Outlook for folder changes.

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