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    I recently read the thread about what sort of programs many of you have on your phones and was wondering where many of you guys go for these. It's not that I don't know where to go because obviously this site has them as well as Sprint for those of you whom have Sprint. But, rather I didn't know who has the best selecton/prices if the prices even vary. I'm sure this is left only to opinion but I've learned of many sites on here for different purposes that people discuss that I wouldn't have learned about otherwise which is the beauty of a forum. One last question, for anyone whom makes their own wallpapers for their today screen what re-sizing programs do you find work the best. I've currently been going to because it's free, is incredibly easy to use and allows you to resize and crop pics with ease.
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    I've looked through stuff on WMExperts/TreoCentral, Handango, Pocket Gear, and Freeware PPC. Mostly I download from Freeware PPC, and Handango.
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    I don't like much of the freeware. Handango is just about the best.

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