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    I came across a program called Avvenu wheile perusing Google... It is a program that loads on your desktop and allows a network connection to your computer over the web for you to access any files on the computer running the program. I thought it was going to be a program for WM5/WM6 but its just a web address like and then enter you account user/pass. Neat stuff cause I can download any files from my PC, etc. but what do you guys think about the security of it, they say its secure, but i wonder if it opens up a port on my computer that can in turn be used as an exploit?

    Any comments/thoughts/etc? Anyone use this program?
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    Orb does this as well and many people use it...
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    I used Avvenu for quite a while. When I bought my Palm TX, they were advertising Avvenu on the Palm TX page.

    Avvenu recently had a change -- sold or something. For a while, they had something of a media (mostly music) streaming service along with file upload/download and storage. Last I heard, they were temporarily dropping international capabilities and focusing on US.

    In any case, I haven't used it in a while. As philpeeps points out, Orb does the same, and much more. Orb's focus is streaming media, so doc upload/download isn't the focus.

    Try them both. See what you think.

    Once nice thing about these services is that you can access them from any browser (PC or mobile) to varying degrees. Every once in a while I would find myself at work wishing I had a file from home and would pick it up using Avvenu.
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    Orb, like you mentioned did streaming music.. Well I wouldnt be worried about music, but how do you think it is for files xfers?

    how secure is Orb, in your opinion?
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    It's secure. Orb does more than music. I stream live video from my home PC's TV tuner to my Palm Treo 755p. I stream recorded video. I stream photo slide shows.

    As far as file xfers. It's good. Select the documents tab and search your files.

    Avvenu had a nice feature to allow me to share files and/or folders with friends. It was password protected -- I just gave them their own passwords -- and I could give the sharing an expiration date if I wanted. Nice feature. I think Orb might include that, but I haven't used it.

    EDIT: It should be secure. There's information on their respective websites that can answer that better than I.

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