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    I checked my About section in my settings and I think I am running AKU2.2.2. I know this may be a stupid question but is there any way to upgrade to AKU3?
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    From what I have read, the AKU is built into the ROM, and there is NO WAY to upgrade the ROM in the Treo's.
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    You can upgrade the rom but I am not sure about this specific question.
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    In a word, no. WM6 looks like it will include an OS upgrade feature, but WM5 does not and so it must be done through a ROM update from Palm. Not bloody likely.
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    Thanks for the info everyone. I wanted to upgrade so I could use my treo as a wireless router when I was traveling in the car with the family. I was reading about a program called wmwifirouter that runs on wm6 but won't run on my version of wm5 because I am not running AKU3. Thanks everyone.
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    The wmwifirouter would only work if you have a wifi card for the treo.
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    bump, any progress with this using cooked roms?
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    So far the only roms that could be cooked are files directly in the /windows/ directory.

    Where are the AK files located? (No access to a WM Treo ATM.)

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