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    hi all, for the past 3 months it seems like i'm not able to delete any of the emails from the msn account while viewing them on my treo.

    I an choose 'delete' but the next time I hit send/receive the emails are back...

    I have to log into hotmail and delete them that way or via outlook. the problem seems isolated to the treo.

    I can see new emails coming in no problem.

    thanks for your time.

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    can't believe i'm the only one experiencing this... I even tried hard resetting.
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    i had this problem/question as well. What i do to delete a message is go to menu/move and then select deleted items and hit the ok button... this is my fix, however i don't know of anything better.
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    I knew someone would have a fix for this!!!!

    Thanks a lot eli!!!!!

    It worked for me. It might not be the most 'user friendly' solution, but hey, it gets the job done.

    Thanks again.

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