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    I was having BT DUN (and also previously PDANet) completely locking my Sprint Treo 700WX when I would hit or other somewhat traffic-heavy sites requiring a soft reset every single time.

    I have the .15 update and am running the BT DUN drivers to allow BT DUN currently.

    In my DUN settings I edited the modem and set it for max 19200 speed and set it for hardware flow control and enabled error control (not sure which or if all of these did the trick) but this has completely solved my Treo lockup problems. Just did 4 simultaneous downloads and no lockup, speed is very good. I'm posting this message via BT DUN.

    Reading many posts on many boards there's a lot of people having this problem, PLEASE POST HERE if this solution works for you too or if this is just a fluke or remedy just for my particular setup.

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    Tried this but locks up the treo 700wx BT every time.

    What does work is a remote desktop connection to my home pc, then the Treo BT never locks up, even with google maps on satallite view!

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    Ok, tested this some more, no BT lockups yet, vast improvement than before for graphic heavy websites (apart from google maps).

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    also found that running a pinger on the side while you are online seems to help it too.

    I still get very occasional lockups, not quite as bad with the speed lower and the pinger running, but still occasionally happens. I am going to try another "higher quality" bluetooth adapter as suggested on another thread (maybe another site, not sure) because someone mentioned they had both a high quality bluetooth dongle and a low quality one and the high quality one never locked up.

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