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    I keep having PIE shut itself down & its not from a lack of memory. I have the WX & when it shuts down I still have 30 megs of ram free. This is a 'new' refurb & I am wondering if it has some issue.

    PIE crashes at least 5-10 times per day. Its very annoying indeed.

    I guess I need to swap it out but how many refurbs can you get before VZW gets stingy?

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    Any particular site you are visiting when this happens? Did you try clearing out your cache in case there is a corruption there?
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    That is a very good suggestion I clean the files (including cache) out all the time. Another thing to check is if there are any auto-updating apps on your phone. I find that occasionally WP will get stuck in an update loop, or not connect at all, and then other times my PIE will close like yours untill I reset. I am not saying one is causing the other, but it may be something to watch for.
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    Did you happen to use any hack to put anything on the card (cache, etc.). If so, over time, that will cause crashes.

    All my frequent PIE crashes ceased when I removed those hacks.
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    Ever since the SMS threaded hack my IE will sometimes crash. Its not very often so I deal with it.

    Its probably from a hack or 3rd party app.
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    Im thinking about doing a hard reset. The web pages I goto, sometimes crash it, sometimes they dont. I can go to the same page a few times & its fine, other times it is a problem.

    This is a 'new' refurb so I will it another try when I get a few hours to kill with a reinstall.
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    Mine used to crash on every first page I would load. Then I would restart and it would work fine. Turned out that it was because I had installed TCPMP and FlashVideoBundle to the storage card. I moved it to device and now it works great.
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    I have that same config currently on my storage card.

    Did you just uninstall & reinstall on your internal storage ?
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    That's exactly the same problem I was having. uninstall it from storage and install both flashvideo and tcpmp on main memory. My problems with PIE crashing vanished!
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    My PIE is bam bam, no worries here.
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