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    I just upgraded from a Treo 650 to 750V, I've installed WM6 and sync my contacts over from my old 650 to the new 750.
    after sync, i found out that the 750 only support one mobile contact for each name but i kind of need more than 1 mobile number for each contact.

    I've tried to add the field (mobile phone 2) in outlook field and i successfully sync the second mobile number from my 650 to the PC outlook, but unfortunately the number cannot be sync from outlook into my 750..

    are there any programs or trick in phone registry maybe that can add the field in the phone contacts?

    I'll really need this field since it's cannot send text to other number in non mobile field.

    Appreciated for all of your info...
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    Well, I just did a test and populated every phone number field for a contact to see what it would accept.

    SMS appears to let me address a message to the following numbers:

    Some people use cell phones for any one of these. (Rarely do you see someone with 2 cell phone numbers where 1 of them is not for work.) So, pick one that's appropriate and give it a whirl.
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    Thanks for the test.. I tested it too just now.. yes, i can text to other number besides the mobile field..

    I think I just need to copy the second mobile number to the Car number field for now on.


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