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    Goodbye guys. all this talking about the touch tempted me to test it out at the store. Typing felt extremely easy and fast and one handed! Much smaller and much better screen.

    I purchased one on ebay and I'll soon sell my 700wx. Thanks for all the good info. Any questions on the touch, feel free to PM me in about a week.
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    I just played with a friend's touch. I really like it. Anyone know when its coming out for Verizon?
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    Rumors say anywhere from March to June. Also, the VZW version is glossy white, in case you didn't know.
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    My Treo took a crap this week. Got Sprint to replace it with a Moto Q9C. I thought I would hate a non touch screen device but I actually love it. Doesn't need any hacks really (except puchasing Extreme Text; threaded Sms). Got Sprint TV, Nav and extended battery out of the box.

    Guess I won't be getting the 800 now.
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    Yeah I heard the VZW touch will be white. I'm hoping someone over there grows a brain and makes another color as well.
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