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    I have this weird problem on my treo. Out of no where i've been having this problem where whenever i press the letter O on my keypad it activates the Left Softkey. It just happened out of no where and this is a brand new Treo 700wx that i got from an insurance swap 2 days ago (it did not initially have this problem)

    The other problem is when ever i press the right soft key the menu option scrolls up but then it automatically closes it self down. I don't get it.

    I did 2 soft resets and nothing change
    I have no hard reset twice and it still does the same problem

    I've currently taken the battery out and i'm going to leave it out now for a while to see what happens.

    Any ideas guys? Phone has not been dropped or anything
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    its broke. if a hard reset dont fix it then its a hardware issue clearly.
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    ahhhhh crap... hoping it wasnt that freaking store is kind of far from me thanks... just realized that the end key is having problems also
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    A hard reset usually is a fix all. Its broke, send it back.
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