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    I am trying to stream music from my pc to treo 750 over bluetooth using Windows media encoder. When I enter the url in WMP mobile in 'http://192.168.1.x:xxxx' format, it gives this weird error of "The parameter is incorrect." I tried searching for a solution, but couldnt find any solution related to this error. But found lot of other people looking for same answer. When I enter the same url in TCPMP, it plays fine, but the audio lags behind about 20 seconds from the PC playback, which is a problem when video is also playing on screen. So I was looking for an answer in WMP mobile, but cant get past this error message. Could someone please help!!!!
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    Sounds like you're trying to use your Treo as a bluetooth headset for your PC. That will probably never be in sync with video playback on the PC.

    Basically, you're not making a BT audio connection. You're making a BT network connection and streaming audio over IP network. By it's very nature, this will lag due to buffering the IP packets for smooth playback.
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