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    I want to get all the categories of Outlook Calendar From the Mobile at once
    I am using in my application.
    I think I get can get categories by IItem - > PIMPR_CATEGORIES properties

    But I am facing two problems while getting all the categories from outlook at once.

    1) I am not getting IItem anywhere.

    I have added the pimstore.lib But still i am not able to find IItem

    I have find some others interfaces like IException IFolder But not able to find IItem.

    2)Also suggest how can i use its functions like GetProps() in my code to get the all categories at once. would you please provide me some sample code to do this.

    Or if there is any other procedure to get all the categories from pocket outlook please suggest me!!!!

    Thanks is advance
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    Whoa. Way over my head there.. IIRC the support for categories isn't in Pocket Outlook Calendar...
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    Then suggest me some another way to access the catetgories

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