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    I installed the threaded app, and now it seems that my Treo wont ever 'go to sleep.' After a minute, it used to, and I had to press the END button to get the screen to come back up. Now, it never goes to sleep. Its constantly touchscreen wake up. How do I change this? I hate it!
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    sounds like you have other issues....
    i am running the threaded app and have never experienced that issue.

    but just to be on the safe side, have you checked your backlight settings?
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    My backlight settings are set to turn off the backlight if not used for 10 sec and to turn it on when a button is pressed or screen is tapped....

    I don't think I've changed them and then this started happening? it sucks though!
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    Any ideas? Its draining my battery and my patience! I googled it and only came up with another person having the same problem (on Palm's website). Thank you for any suggestions!
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    What are your other apps installed?
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    Treo Alert (from this site. I absolutely love it)
    Sprite Backup (the free one from Palm)
    Rescoe Explorer
    Palm Messaging...

    that's it!
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    Sooo does anyone have any ideas? My phone was fully charged when I went to bed last night, and when I woke up this morning the battery was only at 54% because as I got emails over night it never went back to sleep (((((((( Please help! TYIA
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    Have you checked your power settings?

    If you get emails overnight, also check your Delivery Preference in your email settings.

    FYI, you might consider looking into Push mail, Push effect is a great product. It's an app that runs on your device. Your email will ONLY be downloaded whenever a new one is received, NOT like every 30 minutes (or whatever time is set in the Delivery Preference).
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    Thanks for the replies! I actually went to Alltel today and they couldnt figure out why it would be doing that either, so they're just sending me a new one I know how to backup the current phone, but how do I re-up (?) the new phone when it gets here?
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    If you back up your data to a SD card, you can pop the SD card into your new phone when it arrives and restore your data. I use SPB backup which is self-installing. When I used Sprite it was not self-installing (someone correct me if I am wrong). If you use Sprite then you would have to install it first before restoring your backup.
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    I use Sprite Backup. You can create an self extracting backup file, similar to Sbp BacIt kup. I tried both, but Sbp Backup had a bug in backing up some file on my SD card. It took over 30 minutes to backup if it include files on the SD card. Sprite Backup only took a few minutes backing up my device and some files on my SD card.

    Anyways, is best if you restore your Personal database & contacts. You should not try to restore everything, which may restore a bad/corrupt file on your new device. The only issue is, you will probably have to re-install all the apps on your device. This is recommended, since some apps may register properly if a new device ID is given.
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    Is it possible to pick and choose what you want to be restored? Like contacts yes, apps no?
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    1- Do a backup
    2- Open Sprite Backup in Advanced Mode
    3- Tap on the Restore tab.
    4- Tap Search/Edit [...] button, highlight the backup image file and tap Open.
    5- Deselect the file(s) that you do not wish to Restore.
    6- Tap on the Restore button.

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