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    I have a few units of Treo 750v. After upgraded to WM6, I need to press the off buttons a few times. Sometimes it turned off immediately but more of the time it was not. Also sometimes it turned on by itself without any reason (not activesync).

    To test these devices, I did not install any software except configured the activesync to sync my company's exchange server.

    Any advice.
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    I had the same problem: I wanted to turn the phone off, and suddenly (as you told) it turns on - repeats up to 4 times

    Yesterday, I updated my Treo 750 to version 2.27 and since then, it seems to be okay.
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    Whoops, I've been to fast, problem still unsolved!
    Suddently, it turns on
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    I have hard reset the device. This time I did not configure the ActiveSync but still encounter the same problem. Any idea?

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