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    sorry if this is a dumb beginner's question, but I just ordered my 1st SmartPhone, the Samsung SCH-i760, which is getting here later this week. I've been reading a pdf of the manual and some websites to get a feel for how it works before I get it, and I had a question about email. It seems like it will have the ability to receive email from my webmail account through POP3 but not to send via SMTP. Is there a way to make it so that I can reply/compose from the phone using my webmail account? I'm sure I can probably log in through the web browser if I have to, but it'd be nice to do it through Outlook like I would on my desktop machine.

    basically, what I had in mind is that my phone would receive my personal email without removing it from the server, but then if I delete a message, it is deleted from the server. if I feel like replying, I can reply from the phone. so basically the phone is a surrogate for the webmail interface.
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    I found FlexMail in the store which looks like it might have what I need. went ahead and bought it. still accepting input on whether this is true or if another one is better. I was just buying like 10 programs at once and decided to throw it in there.
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    Heh. I haven't tried flexmail in awhile but I hear it's gotten a lot better since I used it. Hope it works for you.

    As for sending via SMTP, there are all sorts of possible issues there, it mainly depends on who your email provider is. Much of the time all you need to do is switch on User Authentication and SSL to get it going with the same login as you use for downloading.

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