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    Hi all,,

    It seems that a lot of websites are now only letting us view the mobile version of the page through the Treo. The mobile versions of these pages are down right bad. (such as myspace) Does anyone know of a workaround to get back to the real pages and not be forced to the mobile version??? Thanks a lot!

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    There is not a way around this unless they give you an option.
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    use a program that will let you appear you are using IE rather than PIE.

    pieplus is one that I know does it. I'm sure there are other options.
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    get opera mini works fine
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    Thanks a lot for the info folks,, appreciate it!

    EDIT: I visited the Opera site and selected the Treo 700wx as my phone. It is now giving me a .jad and a .jar file and tells me to install them. From what I can tell these are java files. The ability to d/l java looks like it was removed about 2 weeks ago from Microsoft. Can someone point me in a direction where I could get a cab file of this java app other than microsoft?

    Question 2: If I am using PIE, could you tell me how to set it up so I can see the full webpage and not just the mobile version? Thanks!
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    everything u need is here to get opera mini to work

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