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    Hi there, Im a lurker, and Ive been reading alot about the threaded text messaging. There are a LOT of pages, so I havent read all of them, so Im sorry if there are some repeat questions =/

    I would LOVE to have threaded text on my 700wx, running WM5, but Im scared. I downloaded the cab file that hannip posted, so Ive got that going for me. I also have Sprite Backup--but in the event that I would ever need to fix my phone and restore it, I wouldnt know how to use it...=/

    I do not have a reg edit program (Im scared of those too!), but I would like one maybe, if its free?

    So I guess I would like some Sprite Backup help, just what I would do in case I messed up my phone

    Has the problem been fixed that the threaded text file does not replace the default Palm one? If it has, how would I do that?

    Is there a good free registry edit program?

    Annnnd, does the threaded text file hannip put up run on WM5? (I think it does, just checking)

    Thank you and please excuse my repetition! )
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    the threaded text has always replaced the default sms system in my treo.

    I recommend Sprite or any backup service! It's amazing how that has saved me time and time again!

    If you have never played inside your registry, I would not mess with it, it can so some damage!

    Also, yes, the HANNIP threaded does work on WM5...I am running on my Treo, and have been since it became available!
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    Once you use the threaded app, you will be hooked on it.

    Yes and sprite is great for getting you out of jams. I never even uninstall software... i simply hard-reset and restore my backup image.
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    It's funny how much more you text when you have the threaded app. be warned if you don't have unlimited text haha.
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...
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    Yay for threaded text! I went ahead and bit the bullet. followed the step by step instructions and everything is perfect

    but the waking up problem (is that the right term) which really is no fun....I posted a different thread about that. thanks for all the help!
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    Its definitely worth it !

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