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    Hi to all you Treonauts,
    My Ringo Mobile Trial, has expired. Does any one have any other suggestions for "free trial offers" that I can try before I make a final decision on Ringo Mobile?
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    Yeah. Grab a copy of Wavepad off the web (free audio editor). Open up your favorite MP3 songs and make you're own ringtones. Just cut the peice you want and save it as a lower bitrate mp3.

    Alternatively, set your PC to record from your soundcard instead of microphone. Then go to the website with the ringtones you like and record with wavepad while you "preview" the tones. Save as mp3 and put it on your phone.

    Not that I'm recommending you do this to copyrighted material of course.

    Ringtones for sale is the biggest ripoff since banks started charging to use the ATMs.
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