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    I would like to disable the dialing feature from the today screen - the feature that is built in, i.e. you hit a key and it starts trying to figure it if that is a contact or if not - starts dialing a new number. I either use Pocket Informant version 8 or the menu item "Dial Pad" if I need to call someone. I find the built in dialer to be crap - it can't even find my own name (it has my company name instead of my last name - ugh!). And even though I have auto-locked buttons when not in use, every so often, the timing of touching a button while locked it starts looking for a contact - but so far hasn't dialed out since I enabled the lock feature. I might undo the lock feature if I can turn off dialing permanently from the today screen.

    Any ideas? Or folks that agree that the built in dialer sucks? ps. I also have several of the SPB products, but haven't found a way to use them to replace the built in dialer.

    thanks! Dog.
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    I use the keyguard as well. Palm dialer stinks.
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    oh man - I think the built in Palm dialer is about the BEST of the device.

    Funny how different people see the same thing in vastly different lights.

    Gotta have my Palm dialer. Along with more cowbell.
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    The idea of going to a non-Palm device scares me because I'll lose the Palm dialer.
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    I tried different dialers and the Palm dialer is better than all of them. The buttons are big for my fingers. Plus its faster than 3rd party apps dialers.

    If you find one let us know I will give it a trial.
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    More Cowbell please!

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