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    Here is what I hope is an easy question with an easy answer. I'm using Vista on my laptop, and I'd like to synchronize my Outlook 2003 drafts folder and the subfolders in my inbox with my Treo750 (WM6).

    I don't see any options for this in the ActiveSync options under E-mail. Is there another place where I might be able to set this up?

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    screenshots of webis flexmail looks like it will do what you are after, but never used it, so no guarantees....
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    To syncrhonize folders other than just your inbox....

    Open up your Pocket Outlook to the screen where it's showing your inbox. Click ---> Menu > Tools > Manage Folders

    This will bring up a tree where you can click what folders to sync.

    NOTE: Just double checked and it appears that Drafts is no selectable. No clue why, but you can sync any other folders.
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