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    Does anyone know of any software that will make reading PDA files possible. The default PDA file viewer on my 700wx does not make it possible to enlarge the view making the files unviewable. Prefer free options but will consider anything.

    Thank you.
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    my bad! I thought you said pdf veiwer...
    yea rescos the best....
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    check out their file explorer. I think it is the best.

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    I meant .pdf.
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    If by default viewer, you mean the Picsel .pdf viewer, then it should zoom. Try this: open a .pdf file, press the center dpad control button once. You should see a little icon on the lower right with a picture of a magnifying glass. Then press dpad up to enlarge, dpad down to shrink, and dpad button to return to the pan mode.

    If that doesn't work, then Adobe offers a .pdf viewer for the Pocket PC see here. It has lots of features, but is a pretty big program, so be forewarned. I've used it just fine installed to a storage card in the past.

    Another option is PocketXpdf. It's a pretty good reader, but I don't remember it to be as feature-rich as Adobe. I ended up finding and installing it because Adobe wouldn't display some type of .pdf file for me, but PocketXpdf would. I don't remember the details anymore, though. Maybe it was that PocketXpdf displayed scanned .pdf files more clearly.

    I used the other two on an earlier PDA, but have found that Picsel handles all of my .pdf viewing needs on the Treo.

    Edit: Oh, I remember now. I had some setting goofed on the PDA where I couldn't associate a .pdf file with Adobe, so I couldn't double-click the .pdf and have Adobe autormatically open it from an e-mail or file explorer. I hated that, so I found PocketXpdf, which I was able to associate with .pdf files. Something stupid on my end, I'm sure, but I ran out of patience.

    Both Adobe and PocketXpdf are free, by the way.
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    Thank you MatthewP-your suggestion for the Picsel .pdf viewer worked!
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    You're welcome, and I'm glad I could be helpful.
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    I like the dutty file explorer...
    Do a google search for that....
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    I like Fox-It PDF viewer.

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