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    Hey all,
    Anyone no of any way to change the way items are listed on the pop-up menus inside of Outlook on the Treo 750? I just upgraded one of my clients to WM6 and he likes it but is complaining that the menus changed. He said that the Forward selection used to be directly under the Menu soft key but now it is under Menu > Reply > Forward. He hates to have to add more clicks to get to something he only had to select once before. It is things like this that really annoy me as well, why can't they leave well enough alone. You get used to a certain way of doing things and then they change it on you.
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    To be fair, you could've left well enough alone and not upgraded. Upgrades are all about change - some good, some annoying, but change nonetheless. However they came to the decision, the designers of the upgrade thought that delete would be better off than forward as a one-click. I probably use both of them equally.

    If you're looking for a one-click forward, press and hold "O." I don't know if it's possible and/or advisable to change the menu structure.

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    As CraigD mentioned, WM6 adds a bunch of email "hotkeys" that you can use in Pocket Outlook. Below is the list. As you can see from the first item, if you can't remember them, just hold "h" to for hotkey help.

    H - View all email shortcuts
    A - Reply to the sender of a message and all other addressees
    R - Reply to the sender only
    K - Mark a message read or unread
    F - Flag a message with a reminder
    M - Move a message between folders
    O - Forward a message
    D - Delete a message
    L - Fully download a partially downloaded message
    S - Synchronize your Treo 750 with the server to get and send new messages

    Note: I think the "flag" feature requires exchange server 2007 to work.
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    You are absolutely correct about the change issue, but I held off as long as I could with this particular client as I knew there would be issues with upgrading i.e. changes, omissions, etc. but he found out about the upgrade and pressed me on it and I have to do what the client asks. It didn't even dawn on me that there might be keyboard shortcuts.....DUH! Thank you so very much this is an absolute life saver you guys ROCK!
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    Glad we could help.
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