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    Can some one help? I own the 700wx.

    I was browsing through the Menu options under the Threaded Messaging App and cmae across an option "New MMS" (Screen002). I selected it and a new message with add media and add text boxes popped up (Screen003). I then selected menu again and clicked on "Add Media"(Screen004) then "Add Sound" then "Record Sound"(Screen005). When I selected record sound a nice looking recorder came up with a single button in the center of the screen that when pressed would appeare to start recording your voice message for sending(Screen001). Please reference the attached images below.

    Here is the problem....when I press the button I get an error message stating "Failed initializing the recording subsystem.". Has anyone else experienced this and if so is there a fix as this would be a great feature in the messaging app.

    Thanks for any assitance....I search and search but could find nothing about this option.
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    Can someone please test this on there wx to see if it works for you?
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    Maybe I shouldn't have put the word error in the title. I would really appreciate some help with this.
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    I get the same message on my WX

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