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    I have been flawlessly syncing with my work Exchange server for quite some time. I do this while connected to my desktop device.

    Today, something odd has come up. After a while, the phone acts as though I have the wrong password in the phone, but no amount of putting in the correct password will make it work. Soft-resetting the phone will suddenly make it work again, though, for some time, until the oddity starts again. Rinse and repeat.

    I just reconfigured the connection for "brief" event logging. I don't know where the log is, but this should, over time, allow me to figure out if there is a pattern - like it only lasts an hour, or two hours, or whatever.

    Has anyone seen this before? Any thoughts on this? All settings under my control appear to be correct, and nothing on the server side should cause this sort of weird behavior.

    BTW: I searched and found one similar topic, but the issue was different.
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