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    Heya folks,

    I'm looking for a solution to scan ISBN codes from my book collection into a some sort of library or catalog database.
    I'm wondering if someone here would know of a software that can be used on the HTC TyTN II (at&t Tilt), or any Win Mobile device with a camera.

    I've found the Barcode/13 program, but that's only for palmOne Treo 600. I could work with something similar just to create a CVS file of ISBN numbers and transfer that to another program on my PC, but would rather have an all-in-one software.


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    Quote Originally Posted by septimus View Post
    Everything I've found indicates that QuickMark only reads 2D barcodes (like QR Codes, etc.), and it doesn't scan linear (1D) barcodes like the ISBN on books.
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    I checked out Microsoft's A.U.R.A. . . It's kinda nifty to play with. It'll scan 1D barcodes, but I'm not finding any options to export the codes after they've been scanned. Also, it requires a 'manual' photo of the barcode; it opens the camera utility and ya use it like taking a normal macro photo (Zoom in, hope your hand is steady, and snap, then find a blurry image. Repeat multiple times until ya get a clear image that can be read).

    QuickMark and i-nigma are great for 2D barcodes; they both make good use of the device's auto-focus and will read a 2D barcode without the need to manually take a photo. Though, neither of them will read 1D linear barcodes like the ISBN numbers on the books I'd like to scan.

    Also, one person pointed out something that looks like it would work wonderfully, but I wasn't able to find any Windows Mobile software that uses it, nor a download for a working implementation:

    Batoo ( ) and Google's ZXing ( ) are Java implementations that don't run on Windows Mobile devices.

    So, does anyone else know of something that could be used to scan the ISBN barcodes of books with an HTC Windows Mobile device's camera?
    I'm still hoping for something more like 'Barcode/13', or an inventory software that will scan using the camera.


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    The new T-Mobile G1 has a program that does price comparisons simply by scanning a barcode. This is something I would totally use! Check it out:

    I want something like this on my Treo 800w.
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    quickmark is a great app, shame it hasnt added 1d ability yet.
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    QuickMark has a new version that adds 1D ability.
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    If you have an iPhone, try this:
    CLZ Barry for iPhone/iPad is live in the App Store!

    It also says it'll be coming to Android soon as well. No mention of a Windows or webOS version, though, but they are open to taking suggestions.

    I use their database software and am quite happy with it.

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