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    I have a 750 and tonight it started wiggin out.

    When I press the center key it brings up the ALT KEYS.

    For example: if I press the Windows Key, arrow down to contacts, hit the middle button (center key) it brings up the ALT KEYS and I cant get into contacts. WTF.

    Also say I start to type a # ex. 847877 then try and back space using the left key it doesn't do anything I have to press really hard.

    Everything works if I use the stylus.

    I've done about 10 soft resets and nothing.

    Any suggestions?
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    hard reset
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    Thanks, any quick way to do that ? Palm website says I have to extract a zip file and then sync it to my PC then peform some other steps.

    I've got a new laptop with no activesyn installed....

    Is there a quicker way?
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    install AS, backup your PIM data to Outlook, hard reset, sync, reinstall apps.
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    You may try taking out the battery before you hard reset it.
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    Hard Reset didn't work.

    Got a replacement unit from ATT service center today.

    Treo # 3 since March of 2007

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