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    I have held out for a while, but I have not recieved any thread updates or been able to get the site to load in. I know a lot of fellow PPCGeekers are in here (a few moderators as well). What is going on over there? I hope nothing serious, it is a fantastic resource!!!!!

    I hope somebody knows....thanks guys!!!!
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    I've had success getting into the Software and Treo w/wx threads by refreshing the page a few times after I receive the 500 error until the page shows as it should. I don't know if that will help you or not.
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    Thanks....I'll give it a shot, I haven't been able to get anything (even with refreshing) for about 3 days now. Plus....I can't believe none of the threads I subscribed to have been posted on.....I just hope nothing happened over there, it is too good a site to just die!!!!

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