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    Well for a few days its been down. What do we do now?
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    Its been down here as well. Are they having server issues or they caught on to the "MMS Hack" and fixed the loophole?
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    I think maybe the IP had changed.

    I pinged the and it timed out on me from my command prompt.

    I also tried and it timed out as well.

    I am thinking something has changed. I sure hope they give up this loophole back!

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    same here..i thought i had to hard reset..glad someone else has the same issue
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    my last picture mail is ent was 12:40am on 1/28/2008. I couldnt send any after as i got the message delivery failed retry now or later message. I thought maybe sprint had an update or something because i still sue firmware 1.12 with all the hacks. Is anybody being affected receiving picture mail or just sending? I had this hot chick sending me photos and then i couldnt send any terrible scenario.
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    It isn't working for anyone right now. A temporary fix that works is to email a pic to ''yournumber'' and then once the picture is texted to you view it then forward the link or view the pic and forward it via the internet. that way the pic will still come from your number. Downside is that when forwarding it over the web u have to type the actual number in on the website. (when I say web I don't mean on a computerm but on your phone internet.)

    If the picmail hack isn't fixed there could still be hope when the treo 800w is released. From what I have read the reason windows mobile phones don't have picmail is because sprint won't pay for software to support it as verizon did with Arcsoft. They see no profit in it as we all still pay for internet packages. The treo 800w should have the same threaded sms as the treo 750 and that program has a built in mms client. Let's hope they set it up to work with their picmail. hopefully then someone can rip it and post it on here so all win mobile phones can have threaded and picmail in one program.
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    Shouldn't it just be a matter of finding out if MMS is using a new Server address? The installs software, but you can manually change the server address with a registry setting to open it up. Does anyone that does not have the hack know if there is was some type of address or port update?
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    anyone else notice that when you try to send msgs, the timestamp is way off too. i guess i never noticed until it stopped working. sounds like a server issue to me too.

    just a thought, has anyone tried using the nextel servers (im sure they have to exist)? since sprint and nextel are one in the same, that should work in theory....maybe?
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    Even when it worked, they were way off, by at least 5 hours I think
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    yea mines doesnt work anymore either i have erased it soft reset reinstall soft reset now it takes really long till it kicks back the failed attempt befor when i sent pic mails it was almost instant now it times out minutes at a time n fails
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    So we are screwed. Sprint caught wind of it and nixxed it. Bastages!
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    Everyone is receiving pics ok though right? My wife just sent me one (she's a hot chick too ) but I can't send one back...that's the problem, right?
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    yes we can receive but not send...
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    I think Sprint just killed this in time to sell the all new 800w... with threaded SMS and Picture mail... Then they can act like it's a new feature, because cell phones have not had that abilty in the past and all...
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    this seriously blows! Is anyone working on a replacement program?
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    i know what the hell, this sucks. And it pisses me off cause its a smartphone, how smart is it if every other phone in the world can send pics except ours.

    I was here a couple of weeks ago and didnt see anybody else with the problem and actually posted in the "how to sticky above" . I thought I was the only one with the problem. Here is what I said ......

    "Ive had this thing installed FOREVER and usually works great, except recently it stopped working? i always get the "cannot send, send now or later?" prompt.

    I havent installed anything or change anything so i dont know what the hell is going on. I reinstalled the SMS sender prog and it works ONCE after that, but again stopped immediately after. Anybody else have the same problem. I checked and im still on SPRINT #777 network.

    ACTUALLY, i jsut realized this is the PICTURES that dont send anymore, so it might not have anything to do with the threaded APP here. sorry."
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    As far as I can tell from reading other sites is that sprint has blocked a WM phone to send picture mail. So no program hack will work at all.
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