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    I have had multiple Windows Mobile phones and two 700wx's. This only occurs on my treos.

    I am unable to dismiss a voicemail notification. My left soft key changes to "Voicemail" and does not change until I check my voicemail. If I hit "Dismiss" after the voicemail hits my phone it dismisses the message but still keeps my left soft key as "Voicemail". Any idea on what can be done to fix this or why it does this? I do not get this same behavior on my PPC-6800..
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    Yeah, I'm not keen on this behavior either. I sometimes just open the Start menu and select Messaging to put it back where it belongs, before I actually check my voicemail.

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    i hate this too. usually i just clear the Vm icon real quick and listen to them later.
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    I have noticed this as well but have just assumed that it's just another one of the 700wx's lovely glitches or a design flaw. It's seems similar to the other flaw about the 700wx that I've learned to live with and that's when I get a text message and it won't allow you to just open the message by touching the screen when the message appears to open it. Instead, I read the message and then have to re-open it under messaging in order to show that it's read or use the soft key option that says to "save message as read". I think that since the whole damn message comes up automatically anyway you shouldn't have to go through additional steps to show that the message is read. Lol, lovely Palm glitches.

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