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    Hey everybody, i have threaded SMS installed. Here's the problem I'm getting.

    Whenever a new text comes in, I get a notification on the today screen that a "new text message" has arrived (regular inbox style notification). Softkey options are (left - view, right - dismiss). A few seconds later I get another notification that a "new text message" has arrived (threaded sms style notification). On that second notification the softkey options are (left - go to, right - dismiss).

    After I view the SMS msg, the regular txt notification is still in the top status bar, and doesn't go away until i open the regular text notification and click dismiss...

    Is there a way to completely get rid of that notification?? Thanks in advance.
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    Even I have this peculiar behaviour. I thought that this was an "undocumented" feature of installing threaded SMS application on our 700wx.

    I have learned to live with it.
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    This is because there are 2 programs dealing with SMS notifications...the default and the new threaded sms app.
    If you look in "Settings" > "Personal" > "Sounds & Notifications" (Click on theNotifications tab) and you will see that there are 2 different settings for SMS/Text Messaging. Disable one or the other or both.

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