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    Well I'm lookin forward to trying it. Can anybody post a cab file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scubaduba View Post
    Well I'm lookin forward to trying it. Can anybody post a cab file?
    Waste of time. It uses a proxy server so you wouldn't be able to use it anyway without authentication.
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    Strange, I cannot get it to load
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    For those of you who have received download/authentication info how long ago did you sign up for the beta test?
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    the link they gave me to download it doesn't have anything but the skyfire logo. annoying!
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    I still haven't received my SMS download message.
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    Anybody recently received an SMS download message recently?
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    I just received my sms. It took about 3 weeks. just be patient.
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    Signed up on 1/29, received dl link 2/26. No opinions yet. I briefly (2 minutes) tried streets view on The flash view came up embedded but I couldn't figure out how to pan around. The fact I could see it at all is a major improvement though.
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    Well I signed up on 1/28 and no SMS yet.
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    after messing around with this on my now replaced with a iPhone htc touch I can honestly say this app can not even hold a candle to safari. Very buggy, slow, laggy, etc. So for anyone who is waiting for their beta... You're not missing much.
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    I've had it for awhile, works wonderful for me.
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    Hmm.. I wonder what kind of batterylife you all get out of surfing the web on a WM device.

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    I'd rather pay an annual fee that have to view more ads on my cell phone. So, this is the first I've heard of Skyfire, and it sounds like it's an even better concept than the yet-to-be-developed Picsel browser. I tried Minimo, but it was a maximo hog on my device! So, I've settled myself to using 4 separate browsers, depending on whether I need speed, viewability, search functionality, or other features. They are: the resident IE, which is actually much faster than my Opera Mobile (but I love the tabbed browsing in Opera!), and also Opera Mini 3 and Opera Mini 4, both server-sided browsers that are fast!
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    So I signed up on Jan 29, supposedly 1 day after the sign ups were announced. I am in the US and have an ATT Treo 750, WM6. Unfortunately no invite for me yet. Here is what Skyfire sent me as an explanation, but I'm not really buying it:
    "...people who signed up as of January 28 are also included in Beta 1, since your confirmation is from January 29th, this includes you. We had more demand than we expected on the first day of signups so even as we rollout the invitations daily, we still have not made a dent in the number of registrations from day 1. We would appreciate your continued patience and will have everyone in Beta 1 invited by the end of April, we cannot tell you at this time when you will get your invitation."

    So I would like to know from those of you who have signed up: what day did you sign up and have you or have you not received the invite yet?
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    Been using this for a couple of weeks now. Not too bad. Seems slower to render pages than DeepFish. Also seems to be very processor and radio demanding as a short period of use and I can see the dent in my battery.
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    Oh, ya, and don't forget the little problem that you give up your soul, lock, stock, and barrel to the advertisers. Reminds me of phorm, except that you voluntarily give up your soul with SkyFire.

    If you carefully read the privacy policy, the anonymous information suddenly can be connected to your personally identifiable information. And with the server side aggregating of every aspect of what you do, where you browse, what number of seconds you stay on a page, as well as what part of a page you are even focused on, you are in the good hands of the ultimate trustworthy spam/advertiser forces of the world.

    Your soul for a penny?
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    Been using skyfire for a couple months now. Great idea and feature set... but bad execution... so far at least. I realize this is beta product but it is slow and buggy. Can't rely on it at all. Not even close to the speed of Opera Mini.
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