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    The eyesight of the Pastor at my Church is getting worse. He would like to hear the name and number of the incoming caller. I know someone with a 700w that can do it but I could not figure out how to configure the 700wx. He was told it cannot be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Start, Settings, Personal, Voice Command and enable it.
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    I did some searching after posting and emailed him last night with the following:

    Settings | Personal | Voice Command
    > Go to phone, click Options
    > Select Announce incoming calls. Click OK

    He emailed me back to let me know it still does not work. Is this feature dependant on which carrier he is using? I will ask him and post later.

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    He has to be using a wired headset for the announcement to actually be heard, if I recall correctly.....

    (in other words, it doesn't just play out in the open air)
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    I don't think it depends on carrier, this option should work on all 700W/WX's. I would suggest maybe he either uses a very low ringtone, or no ringtone at all, that way he should hear the announcement better. I know on mine it will mesh with the ringer, and not me too easy to hear. As far as using a wired headset, if he is trying to hear the announcement through a headset, this part is true, the announcemment/ringer will not work on a BT.

    But (as a bottom line), the caller announcement should work on his WX.
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    I did some troubleshooting over the phone with him. After 20 years in field service and an M$ certification, you'd think I could figure this out, but I must yield to your expertise.

    We went through the steps suggested in this forum. He checked enabled in the Voice Command window. He then checked only the phone (unchecking all other items) and then under options, he checked announce incoming calls, then clicked OK. When the phone returned to the voice command screen, the enable box magically "unchecked" itself. I called him and even after turning the ringer volume down, it did not announce my incoming call.

    Any ideas what could cause the unchecking of the enable window?

    Oh yeah, he's a verizon customer.

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    Did you also check the 'notifications' button, under Options, in Voice Command.

    I messed around with that, and was able to get the voice to announce the spoken name of the caller, both with my wired headset (with the speaker switch muted on top) as well as through the speaker (with the speaker volume switch on top set NOT to mute, and WITH my wired headset plugged in).

    I never used Voice Command - it just seems like it's clunky and yucky to me, for some reason....
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    Thanks JMac. Can you tell me "how" you messed around with the notification button? I'll try messing around with that and the speaker switch as well and post how it turns out.
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    I mean - did you look at the settings in that notification button? I had never done htat before, and discovered there were some settings there that seemed to make a difference in how the phone callers were announced....
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    I saw my Pastor last night and asked to see his phone to try some of the changes you suggested. He said it started announcing the calls!
    Thank you VRGT, SGUY'69 and JMack for your help.

    He said he was geting another phone because (when on vibrate) while talking on the phone with caller "a" and getting a call from caller "b", the phone disconnects caller "a". Hopefully we can duplicate the settings on the new phone.
    Thanks to all your help, I know we can do it.
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    That's what were here help each other. I hope things work out for your pastor, unfortunalely that dual call glitch is a known problem that (to the best of my knowledge at least) has not been able to be tackled by either Palm, or any of the gurus in these communities!!!!!

    Good luck!
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    I just switched to a Mogul that is one great feature I miss of the 700wx

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