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    I recently received an unusual text message, after which my Treo 750 would not unlock (I had the right password), and kept getting strange messages that an unknown Bluetooth device was trying to connect (my Bluetooth was in undiscoverable mode).
    I currently do not have antivirus protection on my device, but would like to buy some.
    I had to do a hard reset to regain access to my device. I noticed after the reset, a movie was in the sounds and notification setting that I have never seen before, and certainly did not load onto my device. I deleted it immediately without opening it. I suspect this is some sort of virus.
    I am considering buying f-secure antivirus for my Treo 750. When I checked their webpage for compatibility with my device, it only was compatible with Windows Mobile 5 for the Treo 750. I have upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 on the Treo 750.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience?
    What kind of anti-virus protection do you have on your WM6 device?
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    I do not even think people make viruses for windows mobile since I have never heard a report of a windows mobile virus I have only heard of symbian os viruses

    I think it was just a glitch.

    I would not buy the virus protection for 2 reasons:reason 1 you are very unlikely to get a virus and reason 2 it is not compatible.
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    There is no need to use anti-virus software on any mobile phones. You would simply be throwing your money away. It may have been a corrupt SMS message although it is rare. I am also thinking you may have had your caps or alt button double pressed which would make it seem that you are typing in the wrong password, but you are actualy typing alternate characters. Even if you did open that pict/video file what's the worse thing that can happen? I would not buy into the hype of viruses on cell phones they are so rare that even if you did get a real one it would not harm your phone. you have a better chance of winning 1 billion dollars then getting a virus on your mobile. Good luck.
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    I don't recommend any anti-virus programs either. I spent a 1 and 1/2 year of license subscribtions only to find out that McAfee had overcharged my credit card for an McAfee Mobile anti-virus software license I was no longer using for my treo 750, but instead had used it on an HTC tYtn I had gotten a year earlier. I have never gotten infected by a WM virus as far as my Windows Treo is concerned.
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