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    Still using my 700p till I get use to my700wx.....silly question di I install Resco.....did the search thing.........thanks!!

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    ActiveSync, drag the program into the WM Documents folder. On your device go into File Explorer, My Documents then find the program and select. Should install now.

    Or you can install it by doubling clicking on the program during ActiveSync and follow the prompts.
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    There are two ways to install most programs. If they are an .exe file, usually you connect your PPC to your computer with a USB cable or Bluetooth...make sure ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center is running and double click on your .exe will open a program, ask you questions and then open the program installation portion of Active Sync....then you will usually have to answer questions on your treo, like do you want to install it and where on you main device or on your card?

    If they are .cab files, those files are designed to be copied to your phone, either by downloading directly from the 'net, from your email (if you send them to yourself in email, you can install it directly, you'll have to click and hold on the email attachment in Pocket Outlook and save it somewhere on your Treo), copy it to your treo through AS as VibrantRedGT said, or pop out your SD card and stick it into your PC and copy the files over that way.

    Then use the File Explorer (or Resco after you get it installed) and navigate to wherever you copied/saved the .cab file to and click or double click (depending upon app settings) to start the installation process. You'll have the same questions as you did you trust, where to install, etc.

    Hope that helps.

    OH and welcome to the wonderful world of Windows Mobile. It will take some time to learn it over POS, but I'm pretty sure with time, you'll find it better and more powerful.
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    Well.....finally activated my 700wx after 2 days of reading and trial and error. Just need a Yahoo IM solution for chat.Any suggestions? Got everthing running also had to install anupdate for Active Snych on my Vista PC. Seems the software that came in the Sprint box is not compatible with Vista .
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    Right. Active Sync is not compatible with Vista. You need to use Windows Mobile Device center. Google it and download it from Microsoft.

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