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    I was playing with a few of the taskmanager options. I decided I like the wisbar advance 3 taskbar list (the one by the OK button that shows what apps are running with the option to go to that app, or shut it down).

    I just am not sure if it make sense to get such a large application for that one purpose.

    I would really prefer leaving that whole area alone & have an "alt tab" type key that would let me tab between my open programs (that I can no longer see).

    Any ideas?


    EDIT: Maybe something stylus free?
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    I don't think you can do it stylus free, but there is a pretty cool program called MagicButton. And its free.

    Also if you push and hold the OK button it will bring up the built-in task manager.

    Hope that helps.
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    vBar is the first prog I load. Some key quotes from the webpage:

    *At mere 21K bytes, vBar is the world's smallest and fastest Pocket PC Task Manager
    *vBar is based on the excellent Task Manager WIS Bar version 1.0.4
    *vBar is 100% free and will remain so

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    Nice app.. I just wish I could get it to cooperate with my color scheme (theme)...
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    I use Wisbar Lite. I have it assigned to the harware button on the side so I can call up and switch between programs sorta like the tab function, which makes it stylus free. vBar is probably just as good of an option, however, I didn't find it at the time I was looking for a task switching application. I also like the cascading start menu that Wisbar Lite offers.

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