View Poll Results: Would no Treo headphone/headset jack bother you?

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  • YES! I really want/need the wired audio option!

    72 42.35%
  • NO! Thin is in! Change is good! Off with her head(set jack)!

    82 48.24%
  • OTHER. (Undecided, on the fence, waiting for a viable third-party candidate, etc.)

    16 9.41%
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    Quote Originally Posted by VibrantRedGT View Post
    Palm just got $100M, you would think they would throw 800 users a bone and release an adapter. Probably not since 800 support has dried up and the Treo Pro is coming. You 800 owners have only the BT option.
    Sad but true.
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    looks like Rope a Dope to me. If anyone orders it hope I am wrong. I am happy with my Radio Shack hack soldier project. The 800w crapset (headset) was total POS and now put to good use.

    Hope everyone had a good holiday, no matter your......

    Happy New Year.

    I am ready to go to Vegas, up $50,000 on the BlackJack program.


    Quote Originally Posted by charliec View Post

    What about this one? Am I reading this correctly - a stereo adapter for the Treo 800W? If someone else thinks it says that, I might try one for $14.99.
    Clie>Treo 600p> Treo 650p>Treo 755p>Treo 800w>Palm Pre
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