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    I've read the book, seen the video, so I know how to do a soft reset. My question is, is there a program out there that ables you to do a soft reset by pressing the screen(button)?
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    Many times when you install other programs, like task managers or today plugins, they include a button that you press to do a reset. I installed Pocket Plus and it also included the ability to use a soft button for a soft reset.
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    Check out this program called psShutXP. It allows you to soft reset your PPC with the touch of a button and is skinnable. Look at it here:
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    I use SPB Mobile shell plug In which the menus are made for your fingers. It has a soft reset button.

    My Memaid (cleans cache, temp. files, etc.) also has a soft reset button.

    Plenty of stuff out there.
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    MemMaid has a soft reset button.
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    I have iLauncher & it lets you put a soft reset button in your tray on your today screen.

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