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    For me, one of the best things about a WM device is the ability to add additional software to give the device more functionality. I'm not really a user who adds applications for the sake of having them, or to change things about the user interface which is just fine with me, but I do add software to make my life and work easier.

    List the software you have added to your Treo 750, along with a note about what you use it for and what convinced you to add it.

    Here is mine.

    Audacity: From time to time one of my side businesses requires me to do some interviewing or on the fly note taking. Before adding Audacity to the phone, I carried a digital voice recorder for note taking and interviewing. In this case, a software solution to carrying an extra device. Always a great tradeoff.

    Google Maps: In combination with an external GPS receiver that I carry in my car or my pocket, this makes for an excellent poor man's GPS and navigation unit.

    Efficasoft GPS Utilities: Because you are not always on a highway mapped grid. I use this very handy package for geocaching, and for establishing geographical coordinates when taking photos.

    IM+: This seems to be the best thing currently available for remaining in contact via IM while on the road. I don't use it much, but when I do need it, it's extremely valuable.

    Esmartec Java Manager: Because sometimes you need to be able to run a Java applet/midlet. I'm not currently using any Java applications, but I don't want to have to look for a way to run one when I need to.

    K-metronome: I'm a part-time professional musician. Almost enough said. This is another great application which earns its keep by saving me from the need to carry around a separate device.

    Live Search: Possibly redundent, but I prefer Google Maps for directions, mapping and navigation, and Live Search for locating businesses and points of interest.

    Windows Live Messenger: Same reasons as IM+

    Opera Mobile Browser: Far more functionality than PIE. A much better mobile browser solution. Would be almost perfect if the Treo screen was bigger, and if Opera were to incorporate Safari style zoom.

    Playlist Manager: I prefer listening to streaming internet radio to storing .mp3 files. Playlist manager lets me save streaming radio URLs as playlists that I can access in media player. I know, there are better audio solutions for WM - I just haven't had time to explore them, and this works for me.

    Pocket PuTTY: The PPC version of just about the best terminal emulator program out there. This gives me SSH terminal access to several web servers that I manage from anywhere.

    pRSS Reader: This is a good basic RSS Newsreader that supports notifications and has a Today screen plugin. Gives me all my news headlines of interest in one place every morning.

    RealOne Player: This one had to be installed to support Cingular Video, but I honestly can't say I use it much.

    SimulSays: One of my favorite and most productive apps. I replaced ATT VoiceMaile with SimulScribe service which transcribes incoming voicemail to text, then delivers the transcription along with the recorded audio file to the Treo. It's a lot like the much touted apple Visual Voicemail, but with the addition of message transcription, allowing me to read and deal with my voice mail in any order I choose, or to listen to the recorded messages if I choose to without ever calling in to get my voicemail.

    SlingPlayer Mobile: This is another great application. It allows me through my slingbox to control my home DVR, and to watch live TV or anything recorded on the DVR on my Treo.

    TuneIt: This is here for the same reason as K-Metronome listed above. It's a fantastic little digital music tuner program that saves me from the need to carry another device when I head out for a gig.

    Ultrasoft Money: Decent mobile companion to Microsoft Money that allows me to keep track of my financial condition on the go.

    Yahoo Go: This application is about to go. It doesn't give me anything that I don't get from pRSSReader and from my homepage, but it has the annoying habit of working once, then failing on every restart attempt until the next soft reset. I'm only listing it here because right now it's on the Treo, but it will be gone soon. The application shows promise, but right now it is an unreliable steaming pile of...

    OK, so what's on your Treo? Let's use this thread to learn a bit more about what's out there that can help to simplify our lives.
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    Agendus - Got it free, a month ago, on Free Friday. I like it because it lets you put pictures on meetings, to recognize them better.

    Google Maps - I have the new version, but I can't get the 'fake GPS' thing to work. Great, though. Helped me find my way out of a few unfamiliar locations, while travelling.

    Midlet - For running Java apps, and it is free.

    KeePass - This is a password program and it is free, with a companion desktop program that is also free. It works great and I have tons of passwords and other secret data in there.

    Live Search - rarely use it

    NewsGator RSS Reader - very nice and free

    RC Mod - free window color changer, easy to use. I match my window frame color to my background picture, which makes it even nicer.

    Viigo - rarely use it, now that I have NewsGator, which seems easier to use.

    zaTelnet - rarely use it, just thought it might be good to have.

    Weather To Go - Weather for 3 locations, right on your Today screen! And you can update it via 3G, anywhere, anytime. And it is free.
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    What a great friggin' thread this is! I have some of the above, and these as well.

    MortButtons - Let's you build an icon menu of up to 12 program shortcuts. Then you can map the menu to a button. Greatly extends what you can put at your fingertips and it's free.

    MortScript - Windows Mobile scripting engine. Great if you like writing automated batches, or writing your own simple script programs.

    TreoAlert Pro - Adds what should have been there to start, repeat notifications. Missed calls, unread emails, unread SMS - displayed on screen. Blinks LED differently for each type until you clear it. Can also make audible notifications at set intervals for each type. NEVER MISS A CALL AGAIN.

    WorldMate Pro - Free version has a whole host of good stuff. World & local weather, currency converters, etc... Paid for version opens up even more stuff. Mainly use it for weather, worldtime, and currency.

    sidebutton hack - Simple registry hack to restore a single button press on the side button as a mapable hardware button. Now you can click it, OR hold it.

    imov messenger - Communicates with Google Talk, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and Jabber. Only connects when you tell it to so it won't eat a hole in your data plan, and it's FREE!

    WM Metronome - Also a time keeper for musicians. I wrote this freeware, so I'm prejudiced to like it.

    WM StopWatch - Time Counter program. Can keep track of how much time has passed, or set to "countdown" mode and play an alert when time has passed. Use this so I'm not late coming back from lunch, or keeping track of how long the steak has been on the grill. Wrote this freeware too so again I'm partial.
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    As a new 750 owner, I'm thankful that this thread exists! I'm trying to get my 750 up to what I had my 650 capable of doing, but it's slow going because of the learning curve. Here's what I have so far.

    Warden - Had it on the 650, and I'm glad they had a WM version. I've got mine syncing with my company's exchange server and like the idea of being able to remotely lock/destroy data if it's lost. I'd probably get fired if I lost it and someone was able to get company info.

    Weather Panel - I can't believe it's free... Great today screen plug in with all kinds of weather and support (themes, icons, links to sat imagery...)

    Google Maps - Just because. I like when I get stuck in traffic being able to use the "my position" feature, and see if I can find a back road to avoid it.

    GooSync - Again, I'm glad that I can have this on WM. Allows me to sync my Treo's calendar with Google Calendar, and it's free!

    GoToMyPC - I can remotely access my work/home desktops. This is good because I have to use PKI certificates at work. It allows me to take telecommuting to a whole new level!

    Live Search - I just installed this, I like being able to get gas prices and movie times quickly. Other than that, I don't think I'd use it much.

    TCPMP - Another freebie that I'm trying out. I don't know how much I'll watch videos on it, it was more along the lines of "check out what my phone can do!"

    WorldMate Pro - Free, don't know if I'll go with the paid version. All I want is something similar to FlightStatus on Palm OS (it was free). Anyone know of one that's free or affordable (not $75 or a monthly subscription)?

    Nine Hole Golf - Free golf game that's full screen, and supports 240x240 nicely. It's awesome!

    Sudoku - I've got a free one right now, but I might be upgrading to the Astraware one. I had that on the 650 and really liked it.

    Soon to add: Tube2 w/Washington Maps, MunduIM, Mundu Radio, Skype.

    Things I need help finding:
    Flight Status program (used Flight Status on Palm)
    Clock with alarms/solar/lunar data (used Palmary Clock Wireless on Palm)
    Simple profile manager (used Profiles on Palm)
    Dictionary (used Noah Pro on Palm)
    Thesaurus (used Noah Pro on Palm)
    Multiple format converter (used Converter on Palm)
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    Oh, almost forgot.

    RESET - Simple software application to do device resets without having to open the door and poke with a stylus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastlerner View Post
    Oh, almost forgot.

    RESET - Simple software application to do device resets without having to open the door and poke with a stylus.
    I want that one.
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    Yeah, it's a "must have" app. Thanks to Hannip and Codyppc for this one. See post #12 in this thread for the download link:

    When you run it, you get a simple dialog box asking if you want to reset with 2 big buttons for YES or NO. Since it installs an icon in your programs group, I call it with voice commnad "start reset".
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    Great game to pass time during taxi rides from one meeting to another...
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    This thread hasn't seen the light in a while. Anyone have anything new to add here since the last posts?

    Oh, if anyone wants to download the stuff I have listed, you can follow the "favorite software picks" link in my sig.
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    Hi! I have a few things that I'd recommend and use myself daily(yes, I play games a lot). They are commercial, but I know that the iSS products at least have good full-feature trials that last for a week or so.

    iSS Essentials
    It improves the device so much, sometimes I can't believe I managed without it.

    iSS Trixec
    I love the graphics, and the game is VERY addictive.

    Just a nice classic game.

    Hope this is useful!
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    I'll put my must have apps here too.

    Agendus Pro - I have this for Palm OS and WM. I absolutely have to have this app on any device I own/use. It combines contact, calendar, quote of the day, this day in history, weather etc all in one app and I can choose different colours and icons to represent a range of events.

    StyleTap - This allows me to use all my old favourite Palm OS apps on my WM device. It's a must have for anyone struggling to move to WM or who cannot live without their old Palm OS apps.

    Noah Pro - this is a Palm OS dictionary application that runs through Style Tap.

    Thesaurus - this is a basic thesaurus. It is a Palm OS application that runs through Style Tap.

    Woman Calendar - uh...considering I figure there's a lot of males on here who may be squeemish about 'womens problems', I think I'll just recommend it to women to help them keep track of 'stuff'. I will note that it's made by Beiks (for both Palm OS and WM) and Beiks tech support is attrocious. Non-existent in fact.

    Village Sim - My all time favourite Palm OS game. It runs through Style Tap and yes, it works fine on the 240x240 screen, but the graphics are a bit slow and dodgy. Still works great though!

    Insaniquarium - Great game that works fine in Low-res on the 750. Great for keeping kids entertained.

    And of course I have a whole range of themes installed that I make whenever I feel like a change. I'm always looking for requests etc so I have ideas of what to make.

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    Agenda One
    Sk Tools
    SPB Diary
    SPB Pocket Plus
    TimeTTracker MX2
    Opera 8.65
    Opera 9.5 Beta
    Sprite Backup
    SPB Weather
    Code Wallet Pro (Free App Friday)
    Vehicle Manager
    Resco Explorer
    Resco Audio Recorder
    Pocket Expresss
    ATH Texas Hold-Em
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    WisBar Advance 3
    Handango In Hand
    SPB Screenshot
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    resco file explore
    sprite backup
    today agenda
    Just call me Berd.
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    I'd like to find a voice recorder for quick notes that has an option to add a pop-up reminder at a certain date.

    I record a message to self, after done the app gives me an option to choose a date to remind me to listen to note. When date comes due, it pops up with a message: 'You have a recorded note' with options to listen, or snooze.
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    I am not familiar with Slingbox... can you tell me more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockyras View Post
    I am not familiar with Slingbox... can you tell me more?
    typing "slingbox" into google would have resulted in less typing than registering and posting the above and netted better results than waiting for an answer here....

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    this thread is getting real light so I figured I'd put what is on my treo

    • iContact
    • A_C S2U2
    • PocketCM ImageViewer 0.9
    • SK software SK Tools Lite
    • Microsoft Live Search
    • David Andr tMan
    • Microsoft Office OneNote Mobile

    these are the one's that I have come to use and love the most. they all work great for me who is in there last year of college. maybe after I'll change it up again.
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    All of you guys that are using Google maps on your 750, are you using ATT or T-Mobile? if thats Tmobile which data plan is it?
    iPhone 8GB on T-Mo
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    hey treofun I'm running google maps on my 750 that is unlocked for T-mobile and I use that family plan with the unlimited data for only 20 bucks more a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    resco file explore
    sprite backup
    today agenda
    Does TCPMP operate in full screen mode?
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