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    I don't think so.
    I use it for audio.
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    I just loaded Opera 9.5 on my ATT 750 and have had problems with it. It does not load sites nearly as fast as IE whether I am E or 3G. And it doesn't handle many of the shortcuts I created that have always worked fine on IE. Also, when I tried to go back to IE and open up some favorites the screen constantly flickers and is trying to open some local file on my device. It has made IE suddenly unstable. Anyone else having issues with Opera 9.5 on your 750? I hear such geat things about it but so far it has been a less than stellar experience for me.
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    hey dallas,

    I run opera 9.5 on my treo 750 as well. I added that piece of software the sameday I got the phone. never used IE in the first place. but I'd figured if you uninstall opera mobile, soft reset your phone, and reinstall opera the problem might be fixed but just a suggestion.
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    Try going to or probably has what you're looking for though. I hope that helps.
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