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    Hello guys, I have seen this done on other phones, and I have done it on my brother's RAZR and it works. But i cant get it to work on my 700wx.. I have no idea why.. The cach is that it uses up your minutes but having in mind that calls after 9 are free this means u could get completely free internet.. If anyone can tell me what settings to use on a 700wx and how exactly to do it i will be thankfull forever... (and im sure other people will be too.. )

    Here is the trick that works on the RAZR: (found on the net)

    1. Open your phone. Press #0SETUP* or #073887* -- QUICKLY -- If you pause while typing #0SETUP* in, it may not work. Also note that that's a ZERO [0] not an OH [O]
    2. "Enter Security Code:" should be on the screen - type 000000 which is SIX [6] ZERO's [000000] and then Press the right soft-key which is the top-right button, closest to the screen.
    3. Web sessions should be the first item in the list, and should be highlighted. Press the right soft-key for Select
    4. Press down to highlight [New Entry] and then press the right soft-key for Select
    5. Here we will setup the new web session to in essence give us FREE WAP. Name should be highlighted. Simply start typing a name and it will take you to another screen to input text. This is not that important, and you can name the web session anything. For this application, we named our web session Google. After you're done naming your web session, press the left soft-key for OK
    6. Homepage should be highlighted. If it is, Press the down key 3 times or simply scroll until you highlight Gateway IP 1:. Here we will put the IP address of Google, which will serve as our proxy. I believe that simply typing in for the "Gateway" will work as well... but the following is how free wap is usually described.
    7. To enter the IP address, simply start typing by Pressing the 6 key which will take you to a text input screen with a 6 on the screen at the far left. This is the first number of our IP address. Press 4 then press the right arrow key so that the cursor is after the first period. The screen should now read 64 .__| .___ .___
    8. Now we need to enter the rest of the numbers. Type 233 and pause then Type 167 and pause then Type 99 and that should be the end. Your screen should now read 64 .233 .167 . 99| and if it does, Press the right soft-key for OK
    9. Press the down key twice or until Port 1: is highlighted. Press 8 as that's the first number for the port and will get you into the text editor. Then press 0 which should make it say 80 on the screen, and if it does, Press the left soft-key for OK. The other ports listed below Port 1: can be left as their default.
    10. And now we're done! Press the right soft-key for Done and the screen should say Stored: Google
    11. You should be taken back to the list of Web Sessions. Highlight Google then Press the center button (in the middle of the up/down/left/right keys) and it should begin your web session with Google.
    12. AND VOILA! You now have FREE WAP by using Google as a proxy. You should start out at the google web page, and you should be able to steer away to another page by using your phones menu.
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    Hmmm... 12 Steps to reprogramming.

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    These "programing" steps as u call them are not writen by me. I found it on the internet and it happened to work. I just need someone to apply this to the Treo..

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