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    I can't for the life of me figure out how to reset my treo wx (verizon) without losing all my data. specifically, i want to make sure my contacts and text messages will not be lost. i have windows mobile device center set up to back up contacts, but what about text messages?
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    You don't have a back up application like SPB back up?

    I can do a hard reset and in one click restore everything like it never happened in seconds.

    I have SPB to back up my device every morning at 7am. It has saved my life several time.

    Its the best software you can purchase for your device. Its the only way you will never lose anything.
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    i do have a backup program. but over the year that ive had this phone, ive accumulated a bunch of crappy programs and junk that i just cant seem to get rid of. im fine having to install programs and configure settings all over again, i just want to make sure my text messages will be saved. any ideas?
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    I use SPB Backup and you can chose if you want to do a custom backup. Check the emails box and leave all the others blank, maybe check PIM also. This will only save your emails(texts) and phone numbers.
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    text messages...what about them?

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