I just bought two new 2200 maH batteries on ebay, one for myself and one for my dad's phone (we both have the 700wx (Sprint)). We both charged our phones for the first time last night through the evening and in the morning both phones showed green LEDs (fully charged). However, both would not turn on. The screen simply did not respond, whether I pushed the red end button or any other button. Then I tried a soft - reset and that didn't either work. The phone still was not responsive. Finally, I just pulled out the battery and put it back in and the phone just booted up as normal from a soft reset. We've been using our phones all this morning and they both work fine on the new batteries (and the battery seems to have more juice). Anyone else have such an issue? Obviously, its these new batteries, but why would it cause the phone to freeze like it did? Should I tried to get a refund on the batteries from the seller?