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    I have a new set of BT stereo headphones that I want to get my money's worth out of. My PC doesn't have BT and it would be impractical for me to alternatively download the flies I want to hear onto my Treo (750).

    Does anyone have an idea of how I can use my treo (through my USB cord) as a proxy to play these files over the headphones? One of the biggest problems I have is that some files are audiobook in VCL format, which my treo doesn't support. I'd be grateful for any ideas!
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    I can't think of a way this could be managed. It would require the Treo to somehow serve as an audio device for the PC.

    Why not get a USB BT adapter for the PC? They're cheap.
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    You can get a USB bluetooth dongle for your PC for less than ten bucks. I have one, and I use a Jabra bluetooth stereo headphone. Works great for music from either my PC or my Treo, but no need to use either device as a "middleman."
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    You see? This is why I posted to this forum. I knew that there had to have been something I wasn't thinking about and that the people on TreoCentral are so much smarter than me. A USB BT never crossed my mind because I alway think of BT as being integrated. You guys are definitely my new best friends!

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