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    Okay I finally broke my treo 700w. Dropped it a few times in the past and it always came back strong, but this last drop has killed the keyboard somehow. Keyboard does not respond except for a few keys (Q,T,L and the OK button). Verizon sent a replacement out today. Is there an app. or way to move my 3rd party apps (RescoFIleExplorer,SMS threader,Ringo,Weather Panel)and there settings into the new replacement 700w with out reloading them and having to go thru the setups one app at a time. I use Active Sync to back up Treo but I dont think it will load my 3rd party apps. into the replacement Treo700w.

    Thanks for any help......
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    I just started using it, but SPB Backup will backup everything.
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    Active Sync won't load them onto the new device but it does save them into My Documents folder. Active Sync with new device then click on them manually to load.

    Another option was mentioned above. SPB Backup can restore your entire device in one click. Its a must have progam.
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    Ok I will try the SPB backup program thanks My95z34 and VibrantRed GT for the Help. Guess I find the SPB program on this site? Good looking out!
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    Worked like a cHarM! Now I know why so many people say that SPB is a must have. THanks agAin!

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