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    My brother gave me his 700wx after a change to a new carrier at work.

    When I plugged it in, the Treo splash screen came on as I expected, but it won't go off. The keyboard does NOT light up, nor does the charging LED glow.

    When I hold the lowest button on the left side of the phone (I'm thinking it's a select button) during a battery removal/replacement the keyboard will come on and the firmware version appears (4.13.00), but still no further than that splash screen.

    While fiddling with it last night and trying different key combos while doing hard resets I got a status bar to come up and the keyboard to light up, but again, it freezes right there.

    Any ideas on helping me get this thing started? I want to use it at work soon. Do I need to have the provider already for the phone to even turn on? Thanks!
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    For your troubleshooting: I notice the charging LED (solid red color) is deactivated during boot and does not reveal the charging condition until fully booted. WM5 gives a timed warning (~20 seconds) before shutting down due to low power, and when extremely low will simply 'shut off' during the boot process during power-up.

    The Treo should function without the carrier connection, and since hard-resets don't remedy the problem the hardware is suspect.
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    Well, I forgot to mention, in my fiddling when the keyboard comes online, the power light also comes on.

    Today while keeping it USB connected, I was able to get the PC to recognize a Windows CE device, but I couldn't access the device or anything of the sort. Once again, the keyboard comes alive, screen shows firmware version, USB chime activates, but no life...

    From what I've seen from other people this appears to be a system halt caused by a botched firmware upgrade... thoughts?
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    It is dead there is no known fix.
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    Try to run the Carrier's latest update. If it wont take you need to search ppcgeeks and xda-developers. There are a few bootloader threats as well as a few utilities to try to revive a phone frozen in boot mode. Keep in mind though, it could be a brick.
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    Well, it's a brick. All attempts to revive have failed...


    I got a used one on Craigslist for $175 and so now I have an additional set of accessories from my brother's (the battery is a big help and so is another charger)

    Thanks for the additional resources!
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    You were trying to hard reset correct? Holding red end key while resetting with stylus? Just checking...
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