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    Isn't it amazing how things just stop working...
    I have been getting my emails from my exchange server pushed to me before they would even show up on my Outlook...until it just stopped.
    Now my treo does not get a message until it is opened in outlook. I confirmed with IT that no changes where made. Running exchange server 2003 sp2.

    I can access
    as well as

    I have done hard resets and Verizon even sent a new wx to see if that is the problem.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you
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    May sound dumb but erase the server and start over.

    Also I have exchange through and last week it stopped working and my Treo would ask for my exchange password. I would put it in but nothing. Long story short after calling tech I was told to edit my password online. Since I hadn't used my exchange server online in a long time (just used email on the phone) it actually locked the account. Had to edit my password online (even though it was the same) and the it was fine.
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    Did you check to see what Active Sync said. This happened to me yesterday on my i760 with Verizon and Active Sync said waiting for Network. I restarted my phone yesterday and everything started working again. It could be Verizon's network because everything was working on my Exchange Server.
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