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    I have Windows Mobile 6, and Vista Home Premium 32, and I am trying to use ICS under the properties. I purchased a Kensington Bluetooth USB 2.0 Adapter, that works perfectly with communicating with my phone. It uses 2.0 and is compatible with enhanced data rate or something, I know it works with internet, a friend used his TMOBILE WM6 phone to bluetooth to it, I was upset, it hought I finally got mine working.

    When I press connect it hits the 3G network, then tells me to connect to Bluetooth PAN on my computer. I don't know what that means per say, Personal Area Network, I got that really. But not much else, I use the Kensington software to then view available bluetooth devices and find my phone. "Treo" I click it, and after Vista doing a quick think thing I get a pop up of "No available COM ports." Only can click OK to that. So I do
    Then I get a menu from the bluetooth software that says here is the following services available for this device. . .

    Network Access Piont
    Establish a network connection with a remote bluetooth device.

    Voice Connection.

    I click Network Access Piont and on the Treo the WM6 says that I am connected, and my laptop says that I am conencted to a network but I can not surf the internet. So I don't know if there is something else I can do that might make this work, this is actually the second time I have attempted to get ICS working. I can get USB working, but it keeps disconnecting me, anyone help, I've searched the forums and couldn't find anything usefull.

    I don't know if I need to set up a COM link or something, the NETWORK connection I get is called Bluetooth LAN access server drivers. Or thats what is says under properties of the connection. Thanks in advance for the time taken helping me.

    I just read something!!!! about creating a PAN bluetooth connection, i don't have that option in vista, I need to find and use some bluetooth drivers. Everyone seems to mention Toshiba drivers, and I remembered someone talking HERE about that not being the best, they use something else, Im going to look for that. Here is where I got the information from. . .

    Okay I can't find out how to get Bluetooth PAN to show up under creat a new network connection, does anyone know how to make it apear? I attempted to install the Toshiba BT drivers but they wouldn't complete installing, it kept asking me to connect my bluetooth device and then press enter, I did that. And after it asked me to do it for the 10th time I hit cancel. it still says it completed the download, but I can't connect to the internet at all. thanks in advance.

    I just need the bluetooth pan option
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